Write for the Smashing Guest Writing Gala

Hello All You! I hope you had a great Fourth of July!

I am currently in Portland, Oregon for The World Domination Summit and am totally excited about learning some awesome things from writers and bloggers of today! Also very excited to meet new contacts.

If you are still interested, The Smashing Summer Writing Gala is still going on and there are a few more places left. If you are interested in guest posting be sure to click and send me a pitch of at least 2 paragraphs on what you’d like to write about and then press send! :)

I will write again soon when I get back home to Minnesota.

Christmas Eve… My thankful list

Hello Everyone,
Today I woke up to snow. :) Just possibly, we might have a WHITE Christmas. I really do hope that we do! :) It would be lovely. My sister and I went shopping together in Fargo today. It was a lovely last day of Christmas shopping. We found some sweet things. You know, I never realized how lucky I am… well, not lucky, but Blessed I am. I have all I would want for Christmas this year. I have a Lord and Savior who came to earth to die just so that I could know peace and live everyday for him, while being a light of his to the world. I have a family who believe in me and love me. They have encouraged me, my whole life. “Devin, you can do anything that you want to. The sky is the limit.” And you know what? They were right. I have a sister and brother who I love heaps and are two of my best friends, no actually, they ARE my two best friends. They mean the world to me. Life without them would have been quite different for me. That little sister who I always loved telling stories to, telling her about things and why the world was a certain way- only for her to find out later that I was using my imagination quite a bit. The little sister who played the “Second Best” parts in the plays I put on for family. That little sister who said she saved me when I fell off the inner-tube at swimming lessons. :)  That little brother of mine who had an imagination bigger than the world. The ‘put’ ‘put’ of his little cars and trucks and the ‘psh’ ‘psh’ of his little plastic army men.
We did everything together, we traveled the country with Mom and Dad. Not a day goes by that I miss those little siblings… even though they are here still today and whenever I see them, I still see those 2 sweet faces that grew up with me and loved and even sometimes loved to hate (only sometimes). I am so happy that they are both here still for me in life and that no matter what happens in the future – that they will still be there for me.
I am also so blessed for such an amazing mother and father. I know that I wasn’t ever a perfect child (and who is?), but I am grateful that my parents raised me the way they did. They taught me many things about the world, the Lord, Love, and people in the world. I know that sometimes I may be short or snappy with them, but all in all, I haven’t ever meant it. I deeply and greatly thankful for them the whole way- back to every diaper changed, and hot cocoa made for me. I love them so much! :)
There is someone else that has made it into my thankful list, he is new to my list of thankfullnesses… His name is Johan. I met him over a year and 3 months ago. He has become a huge part of my life and I am very thankful for him as well. He has encouraged me, hugged me, loved me, written me love notes and cared about me for 1 year and I feel like I’ve known him longer. I look forward to spending more years together. I greatly love him. This year we spent together was filled up with many great memories that I hold very dear to me from painting on the beach, ballet on the beach :P and deep conversations and even some funny conversations (That only we would ever talk about – don’t try guessing! LOL… you will never guess correctly.) Many thousands of skype dates and facebook notes. Many tears and many moments of laughter & Joy as well. A trip through America and building our relationship to last throughout any storm, since we were made to bare through it as we were separated by that blasted ocean. Right now he is in South Africa. He spent the first few weeks with his brother and his fiance. He is now at his sister’s house celebrating Christmas with them and his grand-parents. I am happy that he got to spend time with them and pray that they have a great time together. :) In 9 days, I will see him again. It almost feels weird to say that, because it’s been sooooo lonng since I last saw him. I will be meeting him in Singapore. “Am I nervous?” you ask.
“Yes, I am!” I really don’t know what this year holds. I do know that it holds me entering a journey that is unmarked. I do know that I will write and that I WILL find an agent this year. I know that I will look for a job (And will find one- a good one!) in Australia, and that I will find an apartment to stay at.
I will get to spend an amazing year in Australia with Johan. Which, I am very excited about!!
My comfort spot is always a tough thing to break though. I am comfortable, right now sitting on my parents couch at 3 am writing in my baggy sweater and sweat-pants…. this is such a big world, am I ready to take it on? Am, I Devin Berglund ready? Because God has something big for me in my life.

It’s like the moment I went to Mexico all by myself when I was 14 on a mission trip – I secretly didn’t want to leave home. I wanted to stay home with Momma, Daddy, Tony, and Cassidy. I didn’t want to leave.
Just the same with the time that I graduated from High-School and when my dad teared up at my graduation speech… I also did too. I didn’t want to leave them all and go to college. but I had too….
Just like the night I moved into my dorm as a freshman at MSUM, I cried myself to sleep that night. I didn’t want to be staying in a dorm with someone i didn’t know. I wanted to be with them.
Just the same when I started thinking about studying abroad in Australia and I kept telling myself no.
Daddy told me to do it – so I did.
The moment we brought my sister to Milwaukee Ballet for a summer intensive (seems like yesterday) I didn’t want to leave her there. I loved her too much, I didn’t want her there, I wanted her- here with me.
The moment I left to board my plane and my mom broke into tears- that moment, i didn’t want to be leaving to Australia on a life time adventure… I wanted to be staying with all of them.
So, life continues throwing at us new adventures were we wont be in our comfort-zone and I hate writing that, because I don’t want to. I want to say- don’t sweat it. It’s a piece of cherry pie. But, then I would be lying and I don’t want that.
I am excited about going to Australia again, although I am torn. I really love Johan and I miss him. I will miss my family a lot! I know that God has a lot of interesting stuff ahead and I know that we all must grow up. Even though, I wish we didn’t have to. But, I don’t want to grow up and live in the play-house either (Guess, what? I had actually said that once!) haha!!! :P

Peter Pan “I wont grow up.”

I, have come to terms that I, Devin Berglund am a blessed girl and that I am LUCKY. I was given everything I need and I have it. So, really people- I wouldn’t need anything for Christmas this year, because I am happy!

P.S. Sorry, Mom… while writing this I was thinking… Momma, is going to read this, I hope she doesn’t cry… So, I am sorry if it made you cry at all. I don’t like seeing you cry, but I wanted to write the truth. I am soooo thankful for everything you did in my life. Thank you for listening to my kindergarten teacher when she told you that tid-bit of information. I am so happy you let me morph into the creature that I am and who God made me- Because of that, I am writing, I have a lovely family that I LOVE DEARLY, and because of that I have a man i love and who loves me too.

Thank you everyone, my readers… I am thankful for all of you as well.

Merry Christmas!!
Hope you all, already have what you need this Christmas!!

Be Blessed!

Devin +

“The Reason For The Season Was Born In A Manger.”

Writing Goal met for today…

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that frightens us most. We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and famous?’ Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that people won’t feel insecure around you. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in all of us. And when we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” – Maryanne Williamson

I have been typing out my notes from “The Ragged Edge” and while doing that I have been revisited by the thoughts and things that the authors spoke about. It was an amazing experience, truly, to talk to Ted Dekker, Eric Wilson, Robert Liparulo, Steven James, Tosca Lee, and also by getting to know some amazing writers from around America. I met two girls and we started a writing group via email. I am super excited to see how it goes!

The quote above means heaps to me, Tosca Lee told us all about it, and you know what? It is 100% true! Not just a little bit true… but completely true. My sister and I are in Minneapolis now and will be heading home tomorrow, so, I am extremely excited to get home so I can write, write, write. I decided I would like to have the first draft of my book “The Created Ones” done before October. So, that means I must WRITE everyday and a lot!

I made my wordcount for today! I wrote 1,390 words. YAY!

I also decided that I would start reading more, so a few days ago I started reading Robert Liparulo’s book “The 13th Tribe” and the cool thing about this book, is that it’s the pre-release book and he let it out for the Ragged Edge writer’s only, so I am reading it and if I get a review in before November (which, I will.) My acknowledgment will be in the front of his book.

Two last updates:
1. Sweepstake: Let your friends on facebook/email/blogs know about my blog and  facebook writer’s page – Just let them know about me by posting my blog or facebook writer’s page on their wall or something and then show/tell me what you did. Give me the Url and I will be able to see it! The winner will be told, on August 18th.
2. Book Reading: August 18th, 7-8:30pm, at the Teaberry in Fargo (on Broadway, Downtown.)
3. Arts Publication: I have a writing meeting coming up with a Arts publication in Fargo North Dakota on the 23rd. I am excited and will definitely share more about this soon.

It will be tricky and up and down like a roller-coaster because along with my goal I will be going shopping and stuff in Minneapolis (as my sister will be going away to college next week!) It is so hard to believe that she is old enough for college, as I still see her as the little tomboy sister, with a baseball cap, pocahantas shirt and jean skort with crooked pig tails. I miss that cute little person, but to think that she has grown up and is still here. It’s just hard to see that soon, she will be in another States following her dreams.What are your dreams? Tell me yours and I will tell you mine in the next post. :)

Tomorrow, my writing goal will be 2,000 words. Welcome to my dungeon, ready for a trip? Buckle up because, I promise… it is going to be unlike any other.



Making a difference – Shining.

I really want to make a difference with what I write. I am looking through all my notes from “The Ragged Edge” conference and am completely inspired. God has a plan in everything that we experience, and go through in life. Something that Eric Wilson had said when he spoke at the conference was that there was a time he was angry with God and his wife asked what he would like for father’s day and he said he’d want the inspirational poster that says, “God is the Author of life” and later that day he broke down crying, because he had realized as an author that the Character’s are at the mercy of the writer. And in this sense, God designed and shaped each person as they are, so they can’t just turn from God and spit in his eyes.

I am in the process of writing a book, I am rewriting my chapter one, I need more of a “BOOM” to start out with. Please keep me in your prayers, as it does help and I need all the inspiration and dreams/images from God.

Keep Checking Back, I should have some information on tomorrow about what I did the second day at “The Ragged Edge”.

Today my sister and I went through St. Louis, it was an absolutely exciting day.

Well I best be going to bed as it is pretty late here.

-Devin Berglund

Left Illinois, Kentucky, and made it to Franklin Tennessee.

Hello good people,

We made it to the hotel in Franklin, Tennessee! I am so excited about the conference tomorrow although I am nervous, because the first thing I saw when I walked into the groovy-modern hotel was a bunch of professional looking people with computer bags and brief cases. It will be a great experience to be in a place with a bunch of people who love writing and telling stories!
It was a great and interesting experience driving here to Nashville and also when I was driving through St. Louis the other day, because I haven’t done much BIG city driving, but I would have to say it is a great accomplishment and it’s a wonderful feeling to know you can do it! Although, I can say that I am very excited that I wont have to drive much overly in the next two days.

My sister and I stopped at the Grand Ole Opry Theatre today and also the Opryland Hotel. It was pretty and also so warm out today! I have never been to Tennessee before, but it is definitely a beautiful State. It is green, hilly, and full of forests. Franklin has a lot of history connected to it.

Hope you enjoy these pictures! I promise I will load more as the days go by! :P

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Literary & Arts book

2.) Book Reading will be happening at the Teaberry in Fargo, North Dakota on the 18th of August at 7-8:30 pm
3.) If you are looking for “New Branch of the Journey” in bookstores… it is available at Book World (Detroit Lakes), The Rainbow Shop (13th Ave. Fargo), and Zambroz (Broadway, Fargo). Check them out!
4.) And if you are not able to get to the store you may also write on my blog or facebook page that you are interested in a copy! It is available for $25.

I have the conference tomorrow! I am so excited!!!! Can’t wait to see what Ted Dekker, Tosca Lee and the other authors have in store for us!!! (Wow.. I have been using a lot of exclamation points… shows I am excited!)

P.S. I love seeing other people who love to write, tonight there was a young boy sitting outside near a window and he was writing in a notebook! It’s awesome! If you write, WRITE!!!

Question for you all who are reading this: Do you like to write? What do you like to write?

Happy Reading & Writing,

Devin <3

Iowa to Missouri to Illinois

Hello Everyone,

Sitting in a cabin while writing this, I am being seronaded by crickets and frogs. It has been a very long day today. We drove about 9 hours. It was an interesting drive, but very long. After Cassidy drove,  I drove, drove, and drove some more. I am so happy we made it to our stop over tonight. Some people might find it funny & crazy, but I have never driven through a giant city with a lot of traffic, let’s just say I am no longer able to say that I have never driven through a huge city (BECAUSE… **Drum roll**) Tonight I drove through St. Louis and we saw the Arch, all lit up at night!

We stopped over in Hannibal, Missouri and saw Mark Twain’s original boyhood house and some of the different things that inspired him as a writer! :) He was a good writer. Then we went to fill up with gas there and found a shady gas station – let’s just say the people were Inter-esting and rather scary. You kind of felt like there was going to be a drug deal or even a gang war – I am not kiddin’ unfortunately.

Now, I am thinking about the inside’s of my eyelids. :P Sleepy after all that driving…today. I will upload some more pictures and such tomorrow sometime.

P.S. Found out that I made the front page of my home newspaper for the “New Branch of the Journey” and also was called for my first radio interview. It was exciting, although – I mustn’t lie… I was NERVOUS! lol…

Speaking of “New Branch of the Journey” We are still holding a Sweepstakes. Check the last post [Iowa] to see how you can win a copy of the book.

It was so beautiful! Tomorrow we are driving for only 3 hours into Tennessee where we need to be for my conference.

I will write again soon!