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Copy CAT…

Originality – Uniqueness – Individual

I sat on the bus with my best friend in 5th grade. We were both bundled up in our big fluffy winter jackets with our backpacks at our feet as we spoke. I reached to unzip my backpack and brought out a small locked journal. I remember that this was one of the first times that I chose to share something I wrote with someone other than a teacher or my parents. I opened the little clasped journal and showed her pictures of my little fairy people that I drew and she read the story of these little fantastical creatures that I had drawn. The next day, we were sitting on the bus again when she showed me a picture she had drawn and said she was writing a story too. A hint of panick swept inside my body. I didn’t think that this kind of thing could happen, in the world. As I looked at the drawing on the sheet of paper that she showed me, it was an exact replica of the drawing in my story. I couldn’t believe it at all. I remember telling my mom about it, crying out that this girl was stealing my story, and characters. That she was stealing my identity. Who I am. This is a true story. It was something that was hard to experience as a child. My parents always taught me to be myself; I was no one else, except myself. When I entered the real-world of school and life I found that there are some kids that grew up imitating others. I was very careful from that moment on to protect my ideas. It wasn’t until earlier this year that I truly started opening up and sharing what I was writing – with others.

We are created to be unique, original, as an individual. If we are not being our unique selves, then we are not being true to who God created us to be. From my little story up above, you may be able to see that I don’t like to be copied. I don’t understand why people copy others uniqueness. It drives me crazy, because I am me. Another person isn’t me and they have a different story to tell because their life is WAY different than mine.

All that a person can see of an individual is their outward appearance and personality and that isn’t all that makes up a person. Every person has a journey that they are on, or if you like, another way to put it, is a battle that they are fighting. I have an appearance on the outside that may look good a certain way or look somehow or I may do something a certain way that a person will like, but no one knows what I am going through deep down inside. It’s the same for the person walking down the street, she may have a tear stained face with running make-up (Just because she looks a certain way doesn’t mean that is all that is going on inside of her mind.) And this is why I hate it when people can’t embrace their uniqueness and instead downgrade to copying others. What a person see’s isn’t everything and just because that person sings amazingly, dresses cutely, or has good ideas, that doesn’t give a person a right to try be that person – Because that is their personality and not the imitator’s. The imitator needs to figure out how they are unique and live as themselves.

This is a very raw blog entry! I just needed to get it out, because I have noticed over time that people need to be aware of this.

Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it. 1 Corinthians 12:27

The curious case of not writing.

I know it might sound crazy, but at the moment I don’t feel like writing my story. My characters have been a bit distant, and I am not happy about that! Really and truly! It all started the day that it started getting chillier and colder here in Minnesota. That sure cannot be used as an excuse! I am sitting on the couch today watching thought provoking movies that stir my imagination and muse as I munch on popcorn. First it was “Meet Joe Black” and now it is “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”, and yes they both have Brad Pitt in them. That actually has nothing to do with why I was watching these two movies in particular. They are really well thought out stories with intriguing characters. I mean who would have thought about Death taking a holiday and living as a human? Or a man who was born old and aged to be a baby age. It’s very intriguing.

Besides needing to write, I have been applying for jobs and updating my resume and portfolio. I have also been sending in inquirie to freelance magazines. I want to get a job in the editing and publishing world in Australia as I will be going to Australia again early January to work abroad for a year.

I miss my boyfriend, sooo much! I just wish that he could just hold me and tell me “I love you!” in person. Listening to music and laughing together with not a care in the world. I can see it clearly, in a nice apartment with candles burning and the music playing. I can see the twinkle in his eyes and the smirk on his lips that I love.

“I miss you.”

I have about 74 days left til I get to see him again, which if you think of everything that I probably need to get finished – you would think that I really don’t have that much time left and that I should be taking advantage of this time. I know that thought, but it doesn’t comfort when all you want is a hug or just to feel their presence. So, I need to start doing the things that I need to get done before I go there. Go through boxes in storage. Start working out (I want to actually look good on the beach… well, mainly, I just want to be in better shape, for me – in general.) I need to have a physical and I need to finish my book. HAHAHa… isn’t that funny I categorized my physical with writing.   Well, if it isn’t true that writing is a love hate relationship, but it makes me feel alive. It makes me feel like I exist and this story is living and breathing inside of me and I need to get it out, because as I live on day after day new ideas generally pop into my mind here and there.

But yes, so, He is constantly on my mind. Miss him, a lot!

Thank you for reading everyone,

Devin <3

The wind…

Hello Everyone,
I hope that your lives are full of blessings this week. I have been pretty busy here at home, I have been cleaning and writing. I am waiting to hear on my visa. I trust that God will make it go through perfectly with no problems! Today I went to Fargo with my mom and it was blustery, dreary, rainy, and chilly all day. It would have been one of those good days to stay home curled up in a blanket, while reading a good book with some hot cocoa! I just figured out today though – how the story, the created ones will sort of end! I am so excited! I know where to work towards, finally. Tomorrow will be a Wednesday full of work, work, work, writing! I just wanted to do an update.

I am also currently seeing so many broken people who are hurting and wanting Jesus’ warm arms to wrap around them. If you are one?  I am praying for you! Jesus has an amazing plan for your life and that is one that will not harm you but give you a hopeful and bright future. He sees you as far above rubies, and as his daughter or son, you are a conqueror in him. :)

He loves you so much and wants you to see that!


Today it is a very blustery day in Minnesota. The wind is shaking through the trees, making the leaves dance and sing through the breeze to the cold ground. I can’t imagine how many weeks and we will have fresh white blankets of snow covering the land and coating the trees in ice. I am about to sit down and write some more for “The Created Ones”, it’s been a rather grueling story to write as these characters like to take a lot out of me. Because some of the characters hearts are full of darkness and deceit. They drive me insane, and yet I love them. They quarrel inside of my mind amongst themselves and together with the others. Sometimes I am afraid to let them into my mind for fear that they will take advantage of the story. But I guess it is their story! :)

Today I will be doing more character development and searching for stuff related to my characters stories and lives.

If you haven’t checked out the October Writing Contest that I am currently running – Please, do check it out! It is on the Tab up above that is labeled “Contests!” I will be giving a prize away at the end of October and will be featuring the winning writer on my blog! :) It’s worth it, besides what else could be so inspiring as a creepy picture a day? Let it inspire you! :)

I was in an art store the other day and I saw paper leaves for sale, I almost wanted to get them to write the things that I am thankful for in my life. But I decided that instead I would get some leaves from outside and that I would write the things I am thankful for on there and hang them in my room! Sounds cool, hey? I will post pictures!

To the dungeon of writing I go… I don’t want to… But I must!


I know, right? A unique name for a new blog entry! haha… I just thought I would be “plain and obvious” with this post, since it has been awhile since I last wrote. I have been so busy lately with writing my fictional novel that I haven’t had much time to blog or do anything else. Yesterday I wrote about 2,000 words. It blew me away, because I have to say that it was probably one of the spookiest chapters I have ever written. when I typed the last word I read back over it and was apauled with the scenery and the characters and what they did in their circumstances. I was amazed what I had written and when I sat back to think about it; really, I was thinking I could never come up with that kind of stuff. But that is when my spirit started screaming – It wasn’t me that came up with it! Thank God. I am sooo thankful i didn’t do it all on my own accord. Jesus wrote it, but I held the pen. He has an interesting story in store for you all. The world.

That is another thing I have been amazed with, is when I meet people who hear that I am a writer – they ask me how I get my ideas and what I am writing. I sat at the table in the cafe and tried to think of a reasonable answer to that question as the lady stared at me. Later that day I realised that it was God. I get a freeflow of inspiration and Ideas from him, in daily life, dreams, people I meet, and our world as it is today!

“These are the Creator’s heartaches for our generation, and those to come.” The man said with a straight face.“Heartaches?”

“Yes, the Creator yearns for their hearts, so he can shower them with his love and purpose for their lives.” – The Created Ones (The story I am working on right now.)

Food for thought?
What do you think are God’s Heartaches for our generation?

P.S. Check out the writing contest I have on the top tab. It will sure be a thriller and chiller. It ends at the end of October and the winner will be given a prize and also will have a day in the spotlight here on my blog! :)